An itemized food & beverage shopping list is available. All requests are also discussed and the list is finalized.

Our cook prepares all menus accordingly to guest decisions.


Our "breaking the fast" of nighttime slumber is a full table. Selections include cheese and cold cut meat plates, honey and jams, cereals, butter, breads. Freshly sliced tomatoes. cucumbers and green peppers are Turkish breakfast traditions.

Every day, our captain adds a special addition such as scrambled eggs, fresh omelets or pancakes. Surely breakfast includes Turkish brewed tea, coffee and fruit juices.


Lunch on board varies from a traditional olive oil cooked vegetable dishes accompanied with long grain rice to delicious pasta plates. We never forget a fresh garden salad. We choose to serve fruits as desert to leave allowance for afternoon tea.


Afternoon tea is an important break from blue waters and sunbathing. Our freshly brewed tea is accompanied by either salty & sweet snacks or maybe a delicious cheese cake or a brownie.


Dinner is a special time of day on board which is followed by sunset cocktails and drinks. The dinner table will have several appetizer dishes and the main course will be red meat, chicken or fish. BBQ on the fly bridge is utilized as much as possible.